Media Resources

101_6466Numerous sources have reported, not only on zombies and the zombie pop culture phenomenon, but also on the use of zombies as an educational tool.  The following links are useful resources for reporters interested in exploring this interesting trend.

Zombies and Disaster Preparedness

Government Zombie Promos Are Spreading – ABC News

No, Really: Govt Warns of ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ (FEMA)

Zombie Apocalypse: ‘The Zombies Are Coming,’ Homeland Security Warns

CDC Zombie Awareness Month (October)

UK Coverage of CDC Campaign (Daily Mail)

Zombies – The Future of Emergency Preparedness

Government Takes Advantage of Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies and CPR Training

Tacoma Zombie Festival and Preparedness Expo

Zombies and First Responder Training

Kansas Division of Emergency Management

Zombies and Literature

Zombies and Superheros (The Atlantic)

The State of Zombie Literature (New York Times)

Literary Mashups

Zombies and the Law

Lawyer Pitches Zombie Law Casebook

World War Z Used For Campus Book Discussions

“Best” Zombie Books

Ora et Labora et Zombies, the “Catholic zombie novel”

Zombie Cat: The Tale of Decomposing Kitty

College Lecture Series on Zombies

The Atlantic’s Roundtable on Zombies as Metaphor

Zombies and Pop Culture


Zombie Presidential Candidate

Walking Dead Ratings Success

Zombie Political Ad Against Nancy Pelosi

Gary Johnson for President Zombie Ad

Is the Zombie Apocalypse Possible (UK Piece)

Zombies and Economics

How Much is the Zombie Economy Worth?

Zombies and Science

Study of Neuroparasitology

Zombie Commercial Ventures

Zombie PX – Zombie Survival Supply Store

The Zombie Store

Shop Zombie

REI Zombie Survival Kit and Classes

Allstate Uses Zombies to Promote Life Insurance Awareness

Zombies vs. Math

Zombie Survival School (New Jersey)

Zombies and Public Events

Wichita Falls Zombie Crawl

Run For Your Lives at Zombie Fest

Chicago-Area Zombie 5K

Oswego Zombie Crawl

Zombie Enthusiast Organizations

Zombie Research Society

Zombie Squad

Humans vs. Zombies

Humans vs. Zombies in Missoula, MT

Global Thriller Tribute Dance