All About Zombies

Quick Facts 

Zombie Scholars Academy

    • Intended size of inaugural class = 50 students
    • Duration of program = 8 days, 7 nights
    • Target student/residence staff supervisory ratio = 8:1
    • Target student/faculty ratio 9:1
    • Housing located on the Truman State University campus
    • Academy Tuition = $800
    • Grades eligible:  Rising 9th through 12th graders
    • Application requirements:  Application form, short essay, transcripts, teacher/counselor recommendation

All About Zombies and the Zombie Genre

Hard Research and Thought About Zombies

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[4]  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared October to be “Zombie Awareness Month.”  However, the Zombie Research Society maintains that it is May   Why not celebrate twice?