Family Visits

During the session, we prohibit family and friends from visiting students and taking them off campus. Students are only in session for one week and their activities are tightly programmed.  The exception to this is immovable medical appointments.  However, given the short nature of the program, we strongly encourage families to avoid scheduling any such appointments during the Academy period.  If a student leaves the campus for such an appointment with someone other than a parent/guardian at any time during the Academy, we must have a completed Authorization to Visit/Take Student off Campus form on file and they must be 18 or older. In addition, parents, guardians, or anyone checking a student out of the residence hall must provide the staff member with a photo ID.  Similarly, Academy time is not an appropriate time for visits by girlfriends or boyfriends.  Such visitors WILL be turned-away.

While visiting students, parents are only permitted to be in the main lounge of the residence hall and may not visit students’ rooms.  This provides all students with a higher level of security because they know to contact a staff member immediately if they see someone they do not know in the student housing section of the building.

Custody Issues

Please indicate any issues you believe we should be made aware of on the Authorization to Visit/Take Student Off Campus Form, and attach copies of pertinent legal documentation.