Things To Bring

HvZ2Students should bring the following: sheets for a twin bed, a pillow (a pillow will be provided for those who travel by plane); an alarm clock; note paper, pencils, and pens; shower supplies such as towels, wash cloths, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste; hair dryer; swim suit; camera; umbrella or rain gear; recreational items such as frisbees, softball gloves, tennis racquets, etc. Because the popular campus game “Humans vs. Zombies” is an activity at ZSA, students are welcome to bring NERF “weaponry,” and it is recommended that students bring extra pairs of cheap athletic socks. (See “Humans vs. Zombies” below). Students may also bring CD players with headphones, iPods, or radios. They should also bring a variety of clothing for occasions such as outdoor recreation, air-conditioned classes, and a dance. We recommend that students label their personal items.

Students wanting Internet access should plan to use either their phone or an ethernet-connected computer in their dorm room.  Wireless Internet access is not available for short-term visitors to campus.  However, most students are able to get by just fine without computers.

Things NOT to Bring

  • weapons of any kind (including pocket knives and martial arts devices) – even ones intended to deal with zombies
  • any flame-producing device (including matches, lighters, and firecrackers)
  • pets of any kind
  • products that damage surface finishes (brand names Slime®, Gack®, Duct Tape, Packing Tape)
  • televisions, computer/video games, portable game systems, Gameboys or DVDs
  • bicycles, skateboards, or scooters
  • halogen lamps, hot pots, or microwaves
  • laser pointers
  • lamps, flashlights, or light bulbs

In addition to the above list, we reserve the right to confiscate for the length of the program any items that, in our judgment, demonstrate the potential for distracting students from the goals of the program, pose undue risk to the safety and well-being of people, or pose undue risk to property.

NERF Blasters

A fixture of the game “Humans vs. Zombies” is the NERF Blaster.  These toy guns launch foam “darts” with suction-cup tips.  These Blasters are welcome at ZSA and will be permitted when the group plays HvZ during free time.  However, they may not be carried into class, the dining hall, or other venues in which they would prove disruptive (classroom buildings, the library, etc.).  ZSA staff will outline appropriate venues for using these items.  In addition to the NERF Blaster, students are encouraged to bring a couple of bandanas that can be used as part of the game.  See our special page on Humans vs. Zombies for more information.