Health / Wellness

Because Even Zombies Get Sick Sometimes

Health Services and Insurance

The Academy has dedicated staff available at all times to address the health needs of students. The Director, will contact parents about health issues their children may be experiencing as they arise.

The Academy has an arrangement with a local physician to care for its students. Whenever possible, the Director will contact parents before the Academy takes their child to the physician; however, sometimes notification may occur afterwards.

Emergency medical services are available at Northeast Regional Medical Center. All students must submit medical history forms and a copy of their health insurance card, which the Director will keep on file. Copies of these forms will be supplied upon admission.  Students will be responsible for any co-payment at the doctor’s office, hospital, or pharmacy at the time of the service. Those students with long-standing medical conditions should request their physician forward relevant information to the Zombie Scholars Academy.


All student medications must be turned in to the staff upon check-in. These include prescriptions and over-the-counter medicine such as Tylenol, allergy medicine, and cold medicine. NO medications are allowed to be kept in student rooms (with the exceptions of inhalers, epi-pens, and similar rescue medications, which shall be approved on a case by case basis).

Students must self-administer the medication, as directed by the parent or physician, and the Director or his/her designee will log all medications taken. We do make available, upon request by the student, common over-the-counter medications in the Med Room. Parents are strongly advised to note any allergies or potential drug interactions with prescribed medications on their child’s medical form. In addition, parents are urged to have a conversation with their children, before they come to ZSA, about any over-the-counter medications they feel comfortable/uncomfortable with their child selecting.

Exception:  Parents may authorize their children to retain maintenance medications, provided the medications have no potential for abuse, and missed or discontinued dosages present no risk. A waiver of responsibility is required.

Please Note:  While both the Director is appropriately prepared to deal with student needs, the Director is not a nurse or medical professional.  Health decisions beyond those involving parental instructions will begin with the student, where simple decisions are possible, and end with parents and local physicians.