How Are Students Selected?

OrienteeringStudents interested in the Zombie Scholars Academy are nominated by their school.  However, if your school is unaware of the program, and you are interested in joining it, contact us and we’ll tell you how to go about self-nominating for the program.

Schools on the Truman Institute’s mailing list receive instructions on how to complete nominations in the mail.  Schools wishing to make nominations who have not received these instructions can contact

While there is no minimum GPA or test score required for nomination to ZSA, because the program is competitive, ZSA recommends that nominees be of high ability and be motivated to learn about the material covered in the program.  Generally speaking, students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 are good candidates for nomination, but counselors should feel free to nominate candidate with lower GPAs who otherwise demonstrate the aptitude and interest to succeed in this program.

Once nominated, students will be asked to provide transcripts and a letter of recommendation as part of their application, and students typically look to a teacher or counselor to fulfill this requirement. Recruitment materials are distributed to many schools with which the Truman Institute has an existing relationship.  However, a school does not need to participate in existing Truman Institute programs for you to participate in the Academy.  Any student who meets the eligibility requirements is welcome to apply.

NOTE:  Students who have previously attended, and successfully completed, the Joseph Baldwin Academy will receive materials by mail about this program.  

Please contact the Institute for Academic Outreach at 660-785-5406 or to receive answers to your questions about the application process.