Bring  Us Your Brains!  June 18-25, 2017

Nomination deadline extended to January 13, 2017

The Zombie Scholars Academy is a summer learning experience like you’ve never seen before!  In one fast-paced week you’ll take great leaps forward in your problem solving and leadership skills, learn a lot about fascinating new topics, and make lots of new friends doing it.  And if you think the Academy’s name tells you everything you need to know – think again! ZSA is a unique academic program that takes the unprecedented interest young people have in the thrilling – and often humorous – fiction of a zombie apocalypse and turns that energy into an engaging vehicle for learning about some of society’s most pressing needs.

Explore Science, Literature, and Leadership

We enjoy fantastic stories for a reason.  Dystopian novels and movies like the Hunger Games, V for Vendetta, Total Recall, Fahrenheit 451 or The Planet of the Apes make us think about a world that might be.  The fundamental reason why we love these stories so much is that they provoke creative thought about REAL problems we face.

Put Your Critical Thinking Skills into Overdrive

These stories ask us to imagine what we would do in a crisis, what science would do to help us, and how we’d solve problems without the benefit of the resources we take for granted.  In short, these stories turn on that part of our brain that makes us think most critically.  Because the subject matter is fictional, we can enjoy that creative experience that much more.

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Written by our Advisory Committee Member, Dr. Steven Schlozman


Get to Know More About a Range of Subjects

The Zombie Scholars Academy takes this idea and turns it into a dynamic, one-week residential summer learning experience, exposing students to great opportunities in biology, mathematics, creative writing, social science, group leadership and problem solving.  We encourage you to explore these pages to discover more about this incredible experience.

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ZSA Advisory Board Member, Aaron Sagers, and ZSA Senior Advisor, Max Brooks

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Written by our Advisory Committee Member, Aaron Sagers

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